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Gamers interested in both angry birds and transformers can now enjoy both of their favorite game themes combined. With fun and exciting features, you can work around your favorite characters and enjoy your time together with your friends and family. With these features and many more,
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Angry Birds Transformers Mod Apk New Version

Angry Birds Transformers Mod Apk was a very famous game and got very successful during its time. Angrybird transformer mod apk is a game developed by the Angry Birds super product creator and built on the idea of the famous Transformers movie, so the angry birds in Angry Birds Transformers will become Autobirds expanding the battle.

Angry Bird Transformer Apk Gameplay

Angry bird transformer game design is designed based on the prototypes of the characters in the familiar robot transformation movie, and Angry Birds Transformers players will meet Optimus Prime, Chuck, or Bumblebee. Besides, many new crazy robot characters are also available when the player makes progress during the game. Later at higher levels, players will enable other advanced features; they are equipped with laser guns, advanced weapons and can turn into cars, powerful trucks, and many more.

When needed until faithful to the Angry Birds series’s shooting action game style, but instead of using a slingshot to shoot blue pigs, the brave birds in Angry Birds Transformers will go through a shooting adventure together. Modern 3D full of power.

AngAngry Bird Transformer Apk Features


Unlock many new hero characters with attack ability and unique skills to put on Autobird force.


Leave the slingshot at home, and it’s time you need more advanced and modern weapons to confront powerful enemies. These are rockets, laser guns, machine guns, familiar weapons of the group of transforming robots.


Transform into cars, trucks, tanks, or even airplanes with the one-touch operation to attack enemies in another way.


Get more potent weapons, many new abilities for each transformation.

Tag team:

Borrow a character of friends to combine into dual power, capable of destroying and destroying enemies twice.


Unlock and upgrade your shot power.

Tips To Play:

  • Targets and opponents appear to the left of the hero, above and directly in the path.
  • You have to shoot, use consumables, develop skills and adapt in every way to lightning-fast changing scenery
  • Over time, there will be a chance to fly, and new characters will become available on the menu.
  • Aim for the weakest points: Whether you’re shooting on a structure or a transformer, you’ll always want to target the structure’s most vulnerable portion. Seek hitting bits of wood or glass to allow the frame to collapse under their weight.
  • Know your players’ strengths: Much as learning the vulnerabilities of the structures you’re trying to break, you’ll probably want to know the characters’ stats and better understand their abilities. Think about this, and then you can work out your plan more quickly.
  • Ensure you have good health: Occasionally, it can be tempting to jump into a mission without much health, particularly after you have just had a sweet victory. Nor do you have to be careful. Your health will take time to restore, so you can wait for a little before joining the subsequent mission or risk failure.
  • Blow it all up: If you want the game to have more coins, there’s a simple trick: blow up everything. Whether it’s a piggy, a wooden board, or just about anything else – when it blows up, then it blows up. And you’re going to increase the number of coins you receive.
  • Make sure the piggies are removed: When blowing up all the structures you’ve been charged with smashing, you may get a bit carried away – make sure you’re getting the piggies out.
  • When things get challenging, use partners: Often, you’ll see a structure that’s only a little too big. This is when you will want to think about inviting a partner to the game to help out. Attempt to do so even when you need it-but believe us; occasionally, you still need it!

Angry Bird Transformer Mod Apk

There are many more features available with a modified version of this game since it’s a combination of two legendary titles. Unlike the first Angry Birds game, Transformers features multiple levels. Each level is themed after the cartoon series. The first level is a tower defense game, while the second level is the action-packed Autobot mission. The third level involves the Decepticon Megatron and the use of Deceptor missiles. The fourth level is a mission involving Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

Angry Bird Transformer Mod Features:

Ultimate Money:
Ultimate coins:
No adds:

Angry Birds Transformers Mod Apk Download Guide:

  • Uninstall the old version of AngrybirdTransformergame from your smartphone. Download Angrybird Transformer Mod Apkand OBB file from google and other safe websites available on the internet.
  • After downloading, go to your android settings>security.
  • Turn on the unknown sources option that asks you to install third-party apps. Please enable it.
  • Return to the download folder, extract the OBBzip file in the phone internal memory/ Android /OBB / folder, and install the angry birds’ transformer mod apk.
  • After installing the angry birds’ transformer mod apk, launch the game.
  • Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a multiplayer game?
Yes! Players can play with a single player or play in a multiplayer mode for more fun and enjoyment.
Do Angry Birds Transformers offer different stages?
Yes! The game offers different stages to be played in. These stages range from the Tower Defense level to the Autobot mission and the Deceptor mission
Do Angry Birds Transformers MOD offers social sharing?
To play the game, you have to be a registered member of the Transformers Facebook group. You must also have an active profile so that you will be able to find new levels, challenges, and modes for playing this game


Gamers interested in both angry birds and transformers can now enjoy both of their favorite game themes combined. With fun and exciting features, you can work around your favorite characters and enjoy your time together with your friends and family. With these features and many more, you can be sure that playing this game will bring out the joy you are missing. Even if you are just a casual fan of the series, this game is perfect for those times when you need to pass some time or when you want to unwind.

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