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If racing is your forte then try out this epic racing game Traffic Tour. This will challenge you your skills will incline you to play more and reach all of its levels. Play with your friends and share results. Download now.Traffic Tour Mod Apk:
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Traffic Tour Mod Apk Download

The game Traffic Tour Mod Apk is created by Wolves Interactive. It has won the hearts of gamers for providing the latest and helpful features. Traffic Tour is the perfect game for gamers who love the rush and adrenaline in playing the racing game. It is full of passion and action. Its professional graphics and sound effects give a realistic racing experience. It has also been among the top racing games in google play. Moreover, it also has the multiple languages option which you won’t find in other games.

Traffic Tour Apk Gameplay

Traffic Tour is a racing game that has extremely good graphics and sound effects. The main purpose of the game is to complete each level. It has a total of 110 levels. Each level has various challenges which you can overcome by getting bonuses and rewards. A series of features are provided to help make the game engaging and interesting. Customization option is also available to make your cars look incredibly ravishing. You can also upgrade its components change its compartments. Various control systems are also given like first mode and third mode to help you look better. Find out more about this game by downloading it.

Traffic Tour Apk Features:

Unlimited lives:

One thing that you will get in the modified version of Apk and not in the original Apk version is the infinite lives that will never let you die in any condition.

VIP subscription:

The VIP feature allows accessing premium cars, unlimited cash, uninterrupted Gaming, and free gold.

Customize cars:

You can customize any car you want among the 50 different cars. You can customize it in any way you want it to look


Traffic Tour has a multiplayer mode where you can interact will thousands of other players all around the world.


You can also tune up your cars, change components.

Locations and Missions:

You will get to race in five different conditions to challenge your capabilities. It also has 110 missions ready to reach.

Tips To Play:

  • Some tricks and tips to have a better gaming experience.
  • Earn little bonuses by overtaking people in crowded towns. You will only get a bonus if you overtake above 100km.
  • Another way to get cash bonuses is to play in the night by using endless mode.
  • Share your wins with your friends and get some crazy rewards.
  • To unlock more cars, collect blueprints throughout the game. Get much as you can to get unlimited cars.
  • Change between the camera modes to understand what works better for you.

Traffic Tour Mod Apk

If you already addicted to this version of the Traffic Tour racing game then chances are you are going to fall in love with its modified version. Where you will be able to use all the locked features without having to lay for it. Features like VIP subscription, uninterrupted advertisement-free gaming, unlimited lives are now available to use. Then what are you waiting for? Download the Mod version of Traffic Tour now.

Traffic Tour Mod Features

Glad to know that you are curious about what the land of modified version holds for you. Let’s find out.

Unlock the latest cars:

Experience racing with new cars that will help you to find your fittest car. To unlock new cars is going to require a blueprint which you will have to look out for during the race.


Collect as many bonuses as you can get by driving at a speed over 100km in a full-time busy towing. As many times you will overtake big trucks you are going to gain bonus points.

Sports Cars:

Sports cars are known to be the fastest car a person can own. All you need to win this game is the speediest car. Given the good graphics and professional sound effects, you will feel the rush.

No Advertisements:

The modified version has prevented any disturbance from happening including not adding advertisements. You will get a full-on smooth gaming experience.

Camera Modes:

There are three types of camera Modes present in Traffic Tour. The first-person mode and third-person modes are the most common. The third-person camera mode allows you to see from the backend point of you whereas the first-person mode lets you see from the windshields.

Traffic Tour Download guide

Frequently asked questions:

How many modes can I play in Traffic Tour Mod Apk?
In Traffic Tour there are six types of modes available mainly career mode, Endless, Time trial, Daily events, and Racing now. Each mode has a separate series of challenges.
How many supreme cars can I use in Traffic Tour?
The Mod version of Traffic Tour gives an exclusive collection of supreme cars like York T78, FERTRA F315, MOLVETRO M22. You can use them only in the mod version.
Is the Traffic Tour game ad-free?
The original Apk version of Traffic Tour is not ad-free. The advertisement does come in between the game but the mod version of the game is completely advertisement-free.
What features are available in the Mod version?
You get to access all the locked features of the apk version in mod apk like getting infinite lives, unlimited money, add free games, and many other opportunities.


If racing is your forte then try out this epic racing game Traffic Tour. This will challenge you your skills will incline you to play more and reach all of its levels. Play with your friends and share results. Download now.Traffic Tour Mod Apk:

What's new

What more are you going to get from Traffic Tour. Let’s see

Traffic Tour is now introducing us to the VIP subscription.

It has added various new challenges and missions.

Varieties of languages are added making it easier for people all around the world to understand and interact with the game better.

Bugs are also fixed.


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